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Who We Are

This organization has been in existence and operating as African Senior Group with African Canadian Social Development Council (ACSDC) in the last 10 (ten) years.

It has recently been registered as African Canadian Seniors Network. (ACSN)

Our Vision – Aims and Objective

To provide an avenue to improve the lives of African Seniors in Ontario, Canada, through organized training/workshops and activities. 

We believe in improving the lives of African Seniors through communication, activities, workshops, and training.

"Helping Seniors to define their future".

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Our Mission

This organization was established ten years ago operating under the African Canadian Social Development Council as a senior's advocacy group.


The African Canadian Seniors Network (AFCANSN) was registered to operate as an agency which provides services that will enhance the quality of life for African seniors living in Canada.


Over the course of our operations and meetings, we have been able to establish that African seniors are faced with challenges with living in Canada.  African seniors  experience cultural and lifestyle changes. Some were brought to this country by their children only to become estranged, living alone as a result.


These situations that can affect their mental health if not given attention. With proper support in the form of educational activities and workshops, AFCANSN strives to help our members improve their living experience by:


- Develop greater independence 

- Combat feelings of loneliness or isolation

- Grow a sense of community by connecting to others

- Improve health and wellness

- Become more confident and self-sufficient


We look forward to you joining us in this mission. Register for one of our events and become a member to join our growing community.  I look forward to meeting you. 

All the best, 


Kayode Ogunnaike (Tim)

Coordinating Director

Happy Senior Couple
Our Mission
Selective Focus on Grass

Our Vision

To provide an avenue to improve the lives of African Seniors in Ontario, Canada, through organized training / workshops and activities. 


See some of the images from our events. 

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